Is Surface 2's announcement tied to 8.1's consumer release?

I keep wondering when they'll announce what the new Surface tablets will be and I was thinking perhaps they are waiting until 8.1 is fully finished/polished and released so that they can announce the new tablet lineup and have them ready to buy all at the same time.

This would hopefully cover some criticism that MS has had in the past of announcing devices and software too far in advance of consumer availability and squandering the excitement people have by making them wait. It's been reported that this is the tack they are now taking with Windows Phone, i.e. "shut up and ship".

Second, selling tablets without a final 8.1 release would mean they'd require a major software upgrade by users, and a less than optimum user experience without the interface updates. Plus, the tablets would be reviewed by the tech press in this state and lead to unnecessary criticisms that can damage their image.

So, this makes sense to me. Anyone disagree?

Which leaves me to ask, can anyone give a good range of dates with which we could expect such a concurrence? I've heard August 1st suggested as a cute (8/1) release date for the Windows update. Is that too soon? What would be the latest it might come out? I hope we're not looking more towards the holidays.