The Aspect Ratio Problem

In most of the the Verge Articles and videos, they say that 16:9 is a bad Aspect Ratio for a tablet. I don't understand why. I know its kinda long when in portrait mode, but it isn't designed for portrait usage! And 16:9 works well for 7" tablets in fact. Just that portrait mode on 10" tablets might be weird to use.

In the same way, 4:3 on the iPad is terrible for watching HD videos with the letter boxing. It's just irritating to watch a HD video with black strips or cropped on the iPad. I don't know how they can accuse a 10" 16:9 portrait mode problem alone and not an iPad for video watching. As far as I know, most usage on Tablets are watching videos than read books and if reading books is a major priority, 7" tablet is perfect for reading than the iPad and hence u wont have the portrait mode problem at all.

another observation is that, in the Xperia Z tablet review, not there was much mention of the aspect ratio problem, people begin to say this when it comes to Windows 8 tablets alone.