How to speed up the mobile Chrome Browser

To speed up your mobile chrome/ chrome beta app turn on these flags. If you run into any issues you can reset to default. I would try the changes on the chrome beta and leave the stable chrome browser alone until you get comfortable playing with the flags on the beta

1. Type chrome://flags/ in the URL address bar/ search box of the chrome browser....relaunch the apps via the relaunch option at the bottom after the changes. browser will be super fast after the changes

2. enable override software rendering
3.enable experimental canvas features
3.gpu accelerated svg filters
4.enable webgl
5.enable web audio
6. enable webrtc
7. show auto predictions
8. enable favicon sync
9. enable keystore encyrp.
10. enable spdy/4 alpha
11.enable javascript experiment
12. enable experimental webkit
13. enable offline cache
14. enable experimental websocket