Why you should want a smart watch

"What time is it?" What is your next move. 9 times out of 10 I am willing to bet it is your pocket. Our smartphones are not only our watches, they are pretty much the goto device for nearly everything you could need. The smartphone is the swiss army knife of devices. It is a watch, GPS, compass, weather channel, dictionary and I could keep going on and on. The smartphone has taken the place of nearly everything you would keep on you. So, why would you ever consider buying a watch again.

Sure, wearing a watch again seems like a strange concept for me as well. Most see a watch as a redundant device no matter what cool tricks it does. However, I see a different future for wearable tech. It's not just about one device, it is about them all being connected to you and the world. We are looking to bridge a gap between technology and people, to make using technology as easy and apart of our lives as breathing. You shouldn't have to think about it. The transition between your digital life and the world immediately around you is too disjointed. They should be one in the same. So, the easier it is to consume data, the closer we are to reaching that goal. Google Glass and smart watches are the beginning of that dream. While I see Glass as one of the coolest things to happen to tech in the last decade, I still feels a bit early for consumers. Smart watches could be the bridge to the future we are looking for.


So what is the purpose of a smart watch? The last time you saw a movie, did you turn off your phone? Although it is required of you, many people still want to keep their phones on at all times to keep up with the world. Smart watches are a very convenient way of doing just that. There are many times when I want to have my phone in my bag, but I know I have to either choose to not respond to people for a while, or to keep it on me like normal. These small, but important, inconveniences is what really got me thinking that smart watches could actually be a viable device in todays market. While these occurrences are important, there is still the fact is many people do not understand any added benefit of owning a device like this.

The future of smart watches is a bright one. The productivity and usefulness that could be utilized by a waterproof device, that you wear nearly all day, is truly an amazing thing to think about. One of the main things smart watches could do is really jump the number of people using technology to track their health. Many people think that activity trackers are way to much money, and only a tool for the geeky health nuts. If you implemented these features into a smart watch, it could really drive the number of people tracking their health up significantly. Smart watches could kill the activity tracker market.


If your watch monitored your heart beat, steps, stairs climbed, and sleeping patterns, it would already beat the competition. You don't forget your watch, and you don't have to explain to people what the weird thing on your wrist is like you do with activity trackers. Smart watches can also allow you to not rely so much on your phone. How many times have you had to interrupt conversations, step out of a movie, juggle things in your hands, etc. just to check the latest buzz that came from your pocket.

So if smart watches are so great, why haven't they taken off? One answer and it is plain and simple. No one, absolutely no one, has delivered a compelling product. There has been no development of a device that would actually add to your life. In fact, most of the smart watches on the market today seem to be device manufacturers trying to fill your life with their screen with their software, just for the sake of taking all your money and giving you a headache. The closest thing to a compelling product is the pebble, and even the pebble fails to deliver on a device that consumers really want. It lacks many key ingredients that would make a smart watch actually useful, and honestly has failed to deliver a true smart watch experience. Price is huge for consumer as well, and nearly all of these devices are way to expensive for the little amount they do or add to a consumers life.


When you think of smart watches, don't think of watches the same way you have before. In fact, completely forget about any smart watches on the market. One day, in the near future, there will be true smart watches that will truly bridge the gap between you and the digital world. Watches aren't just about telling the time anymore, just like phones aren't all about making phone calls.

I think it is going to take Apple to bring a device like this into the market. It is the next step to finish their ecosystem. With the name iWatch being bought up in so many countries, I think we have a glimmer of hope that smart watches might actually become a valuable piece of technology to own. You can read more of my thought and opinions here.