What do you iOS users think about the Blackberry Q10?

In my mobile endeavors, I've experienced many different sides of the game. I spent a few years on Android, about a year on iOS, a couple weeks on Windows Phone 8, and I had a Blackberry Bold 4 years ago in the midst of their prime. After all has been said and done, iOS has stolen my heart, but now BB10 is on the scene. It is the last fronteir for me. With the Q10, I get nostalgic about what I think was a golden era of smartphones for ME (my opinion) when all of my friends had BBM and the hardware keyboard was king. The typing experience for me has never been nearly as good as it was back then. Messaging was fantastic. The Q10, to me, appears to mix the old with the new. I feel as if this is the final battle for my mobile phone platform. I know the strengths and weaknesses with iOS. Ecosystem rocks. Excellent quality apps for everything. The main weakness for me has been messaging, which I believe the Q10 and BB10 in general has nailed down with the Hub. I mainly use my phone for messaging through SMS and Facebook. I scroll through Facebook and Instagram feeds where I post constantly. I also like to listen to music and podcasts. Occasionally I look up a YouTube video on the spot for a funny/shocking video that comes up in conversation with friends. Anything more advanced, I do on my iPad at home or I bring it on my commute. I use my Xbox to Netflix/HboGo at home. I use my iPad to read eBooks and news, and to watch my regular subscribed YouTube shows. What are your thoughts as Apple users on the Q10? Just let me know how YOU feel about it. Lets just be level-headed and fair.