Let's Talk Mobile - Messaging, Social & Notifications (Interactive Feature)

Messaging overload: Why have we let notifications rule our lives? (via MobileNations)

I had no idea Talk Mobile was this good, I really thought it was just another podcast in the world of tech podcast. I figured I would share this and discuss messaging with the Android Army.

Which Messaging service do you prefer?








*What's App




*Yahoo Messenger

*Windows Live Messenger


Which platform has the more visually pleasing UI for their Standard text and Notifications?



*Windows Phone


Gary Klaussen on what it takes to build a good communications experience - Talk Mobile (via MobileNations)


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No one can solve the messaging crisis as of right now. I would actually prefer KIK over all the messaging services if it also offered SMS integration. However once Hangouts supports SMS that would be my go to. Is it truly a matter of when, or IF?


Google I/O 2013: Hangouts and the future of Google's messaging platform (via TheVerge)


Should there be a messaging standard or do you prefer multiple clients and accounts?

*Unify the Messaging Standard for every platform.

*I prefer to use different platforms and messaging clients for different people and reasons.


BlackBerry, thanks to BBM, is the closest we have to a native social operating system. Google's company-distorting

focus on Google+ has made them the most successful of the social immigrants to date. Microsoft has Xbox Live,

which is hugely successful in gaming, but nothing beyond that. Apple canceled Ping, their ill-fated social music

platform, but still has Game Center and iMessage.

-Rene Ritchie (iMore)

Which Platform does Social better?




*Windows Phone

I'm going to have to go with BB10 for the hub, and then Windows Phone, then Android and lastly iOS. This decisionwas hard, obviously Windows Phone would have gained my first place vote if it had a better notification system. Android would have came into first if it had a Social integration hub or any kind of system for social integration. Android pretty much deals with all of Social needs with it's notification system and apps, yet it does not have a unified experience to access multiple networks in one place.

Are any of the OS's truly a social OS?



Apps like Scope would be epic if they also offered SMS integration.

Facebook Home hands-on review (via TheVerge)

How should notifications like messaging and social be handled? Should they just pop up any & everywhere like FBM?

I actually prefer the way WebOS did it.


How do you handle notifications? Is the notification system broken?


Georgia says turn your notifications off - Talk Mobile (via MobileNations)

I agree 100%

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