The Nokia Lumia 520

I was goofing around a store today and I had the chance to play around with a Nokia Lumia 520. Although the phone is clearly low-end it feels like a mid-range in the hand, and much to my surprise it performs extremely well (I had a Samsung Omnia 7 that I bought when WP7 was released, but it was certainly not cheap), the screen and the camera are good (considering the price), I would say it performs better than most Android phones under $400-450 USD off-contract.

So how much does the Lumia 520 costs? $190 USD, with taxes (16% VAT) included. I can say that I know understand why this is Nokia's best selling phone. It's absolutely incredible for the price. I thought the performance gap between low-end Android phones and low-end WP8 phones had shrunk, It's not that I thought Android had improved, I just thought the hardware was improved enough to rendered the difference irrelevant.

How wrong I was. While I personally use an Android smartphone, and I lust a high-end Nokia device running Android (with the new PureView), WP8 absolutely trashes Android in low-end and mid-range devices (and Nokia's build quality is surprisingly good considering the price), perhaps Nokia's strategy will prove successful.