(2013) Nexus predictions/hopes?

So which phone do you guys believe the next Nexus will be based on? I've heard some people saying that they want a Nexus 5 based on the 5.2 inch LG G2, but I seriously don't want a phone screen bigger than 5 inches because it will be difficult to use with one hand. Plus Google/Moto have stated they want the perfect screen size and I think 5.2 inches is already pushing it.

What I hope happens: Google builds it's own phone from the ground up with the exact same dimensions (or smaller) of that of the Moto X. Rather than spelling out the whole word 'nexus' Google should just put the 'X' everyone knows about. This one:


via img.tapatalk.com

Similar to how Motorola puts their M logo and how Apple puts an apple.

Or base it on the Moto X: Add a 1080p screen, S600, and sell it at 32gb and 64gb variations at the play store for $349 and $399.

I just hope the screen isn't 5 inches.