What would be the next-next smart device.

So, we all know smartphones, they been here for a while now. Last year people were talking about smart TV's, they are also here now. This year it's all about the wrist, smart watches, the next smart- device. Almost every smart-handheld maker is probably going to try one. What would be the next-next?

I own a smart TV, but i can't say it's much more then a feature TV though, but just like with the smartphone it'll probably take some time. But what is the next thing we can make "smart"? A microwave like we saw on the verge a few days back? Maybe it's finally time to make the fridge smart enough to notify you when you run out of milk without interaction. Or another handheld like Google Glass is trying to do. Maybe it's finally time to see the desktop monitors back in action with smart-displays which can project everything everywhere.

Do we even want more smart devices? Did Ericsson predict the future right with their future vision in "Social web of things" in which every object was part of a small social media (except the car strangely). The more smart-devices we own, the more companies will know about our behavior. To some people that's a scary thought.
Companies like Google, Apple and Samsung probably already know your every movement, what if they could even track what you eat and when you do.. other stuff...

Do we need more smart devices? Some people barely see the use of smart watch, or even tablets. Some people don't even see the use of a smartphone.

What would be the next-next smart device, or what would you want to be a smart device?
Think about it.