Has anybody installed OSX on a Windows 8 Ultrabook through the virtual machine?

I'm thinking of soon getting an Windows 8 ultrabook. I'm interested in the Samsung Ativ 9 Pro. I was thinking I wouldn't mind trying osx but I'm not too sure about the macbook air and moving to OSX and using Windows knowing that apple is not really bothered about poor Wondows drivers. I was thinking about ithe Air and I was hoping that they would improve the screen this year (ips / better res); they haven't, so I not really too keen on it, espically as I would also like to have a touchscreen as I think it could be handy for me to have in some use cases.

Sometimes I use my laptop of the arm of the sofa and it's arkward angle to get to the touchpad, samething if using your laptop on the train on your lap, there ain't much space so sometimes it would be easier to just scroll the screen or select something that way etc, or even just lying on the sofa it could be easier to touch the screen.

I heard that Windows 8 has a virtual machine part of it and that you might be able to install OSX onto the virtual machine. I'm not sure how this works but I hope if it is possible that some of you can share your experiences. I know that Apple don't want you to do this but how does it work if you bypass that? Can it be a equlivant to parallels on the Mac? I've heard of hackintosh's but I hear they have problems sometimes, plus I think people also mainly do them on desktops with certain components.