Moto X, isn't about Flagships or Geeks

So its made of plastic and given its specs it has to be cheap to survive beside the N4. While we're discussing specs and features, Apple is rumored to be preparing a cheaper iPhone in many colours made of plastic. The iPad Mini proves Apple is now considering cheaper products. The N7 had to be >$100 cheaper to sell and even then the Mini sold tons. The Apple brand is formidable.

So what if this Moto X is just preemptive. Ponder this, If the MX is made for the US market in the USA why and how did it end up on Tinhte? Normally only phones made in that part of the world leak in that manner. Is it not possible that MX will soon launch across the world, particularly in the developing world. Perhaps under a different name, and almost certainly without the customization and cheaper the new iPhone.