Non-Retina MBP over rMBP?

Ever since Apple announced the rMBP, the classic "non-retina" MBP is widely considered to be at its end. While this is undoubtedly true, I still find myself in a dilemma of choosing between the two (budget only enough for base models 15").

The retina screen is obviously way superior, but personally I think I'm ok with the non-retina screen, just as I'm using an iPad mini. I use it as a desktop replacement and won't carry it around much, so the form factor difference is not that important. More RAM and a SSD are good, but I can upgrade them on classic MBP as well.

And the thing that keeps me thinking the most is that I need Bootcamp for games, I'm not sure the non-upgradable 256GB would be enough for both OS.

So is the non-retina MBP better for me? Suggestions welcomed.