Its good to see Apple not flooding too many devices

Lately every company has been launching multiple flagships , so many variants of devices.

Example HTC One GE , HTC One , S4 GE , S4 Octa , S4 Snapdragon , S4 Active , Xperia Z , Xperia ZR etc.

A user buys a phone and next month a new one comes.......

Nobody has a clue when will these phones receive updates.

First one country gets an update and only for a single variant and then after some days other variants gets same update but not in specific countries.Lots of different cases like this where user never knows when his/her variant gets an update.

For iPhone , Users definitely know what version they are running and worldwide roll out is same for all Apple devices which makes it easier for user.

Not just that , If there is an issue , he/she can directly ask for help because there is only one variant for each iPhone model.(even though carrier models are different , they run same version of OS and have same features supported)

This is one of the few places where I find Apple to be really good.