Can't believe people still buy laptops with a spinning HDD

I recently got a new 15" MacBook Pro at work with a 5400 rpm drive. It is slower than my 3 year old personal laptop which is a 2010 MBA running on a 1.8 GHz Core 2 Duo processor. What a piece of shite the Pro is! Everything seems glacial compared to my MBA. Most of the time I am still idle waiting for things to start up, files to open etc. My productivity is much less on the Pro. Obviously the difference lies in the SSD. I can't believe the IT folks, CTOs, CIOs, managers and whoever else makes decisions at companies on what laptops to buy haven't figured out that SSD should be standard in 2013. It seems like they are clueless about the latest technology trends and seem to know less about tech than an average poster on this forum. It should be criminal to order laptops with tradition HDDs, especially 5400 rpm ones in this day and age. The spinning HDDs need to die ASAP.