Dumbphone suggestions

So, I'm not going to back off owning a smartphone any time soon. I still love my Android phone, but the recent tumble it's taken, rendering more than half of the screen unable to register touch, and a mixup with the insurance company complicating getting a replacement have made me consider that I really do need a backup phone. I have to rotate my Nexus 4 multiple times to do something as simple as send a text message.

Considering that I live in the States, and the unlocked dumbphone market is pretty much nonexistent here, what should I look at importing? I'm a T-Mobile customer, so GSM is the way to go. My base requirements are to send texts and make calls, but nice extras would be data (at least EDGE, if not 3G) and Facebook messaging. I've looked at some of the low-priced Nokia devices, but they seem to operate on frequencies that don't work in the US. Flip phones need not apply unless they're amazing. I've had too many of their hinges just decide they were done with life.

Thanks, everyone.