Why the Moto X is the First iPhone Competitor

Many have been complaining that the Moto X is essentially a mid range device. How could it compete with the Galaxy and iPhone? Well, there's more to the story than specs. Until now, Android competed with iPhone through sheer specs not optimization. But the Moto X is the first Android device that follows the "good artists copy, great artists steal" mantra. It has stolen the essence of what made the iPhone great.

1. Optimization (The specs are not really mid range)

A dual core 1.7 GHz device may not sound exciting at first but the iPhone performs well with a 1.2 GHz dual core. The MSM8960T in the Moto X has an Antutu score of 18753. For comparison, that's more than the quad core Nexus 4.


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via cdn.androidpolice.com

And when we see 3D Mark Ice Storm Extreme the optimization is even more amazing. It has an Adreno 320 GPU just like all the Snapdragon 600 devices but whereas other devices top out at ~6500. The Moto X gets 7100 on the same test. That's optimization and should make for a great gaming experience.


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2. A Great Camera, not just more megapixels

The iPhone brought great optics, stabilization, and shutter time to 8MP. HTC had the right idea to not join the 13MP war but 4MP was a little too low. The Moto X has a 10 MP clear pixel camera. That means it subtracts less lighting from the picture and takes better pictures in low light and gets more color vibrancy in daylight.


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3. A Great Screen

A 1280 x 720 screen at 4.7" is 315 ppi, above the 300 ppi threshold for most people. And the fact that it's an OLED display does give it useful features like on screen notifications without battery drain.

4. Battery Life

The iPhone actually only has a 1440 mah battery but gets good battery life. The Moto X has a 2200 mah battery (bigger than the One X+ which had a 720p 4.7" screen) and Larry Page, Woodside, and the Google folks have been harping on battery life. The CPU settings allow it to go as low as 13.5 MHz and combined with optimization and low power sensors, this could actually deliver outstanding battery life.


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5. Design and Build Quality

That is one area where Apple excels at. And the iPhone looks even better because it has no logos in the front. Motorola picked up on that. It has a great minimalist design and a sturdy Kevlar backing. Google and Motorola have said phones should be able to withstand some abuse. So we can expect great build quality.


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6. Philosophy

Apple believes that a company should make the right decisions for its customers. Google believes that a company should let its customers make the decisions right for them. That's why Android OS is so customizable. It's natural for this philosophy to extend to hardware. With an iPhone there are 6 possible versions, 3 storage options 2 colors. Motorola seems poised to go with at least 14 colors (its color wheel + black and white) for the back, 2 storage options, different colors for the trim, and even an engraving. Some of the more outlandish rumors say even the back material (plastic, wood, kevlar, and ceramic) will be custom. It competes with the iPhone in its philosophy. It's entire being is the flagship for what a customizable device + OS can be.Moto-x-colored-batter-covers-640x253_medium

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The Moto X challenges everything the iPhone is good at and embodies the idea of choice. It has all the marks of a flagship even if our spec jaded eyes don't see it at first. And that's why it is the first true competitor to the iPhone.