Can Intel's new integrated graphics run Autodesk/3D Modeling programs?

My SO is looking to get a laptop for school, that's able to handle her work load. Most of the work she'll be doing will be in Autodesk programs like AutoCAD 3DS Max and other similar rendering/modeling applications. To keep her set up as convenient as possible I'm looking into the possibility of using a well spec'd "ultra book". This kind of set up seems even more possible considering the speed bump the SSDs provide in ultra books in addition to the performance boost promised by Intel. So my question isn't so much if it will run smoothly, but rather if it will run at all, as I'm new to the specifications required by these programs. I found this on the Autodesk website, and was wondering how they apply to a computer only using integrated graphics.-128 MB graphics card (256 MB or greater recommended)-Pixel Shader 3.0 or greater, Microsoft® Direct3D®-capable-workstation-class 3D graphics cardThis may or may not be painfully obvious but any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.