Most of us hate Samsung for just two things..Touchwiz and build quality. Some people, including me can manage with the build quality part but touchwiz....

So because of the bad looks of touchwiz, i put paranoid android on my GN2 to experience the stock android feel which is loved by all of us i presume! But my recent experience with vanilla android has urged me to go back to touchwiz. Not many people are aware about some of the features touchwiz has. i'll list them in bullet points:

  • Probably the best video player: supports all possible formats including mkv. This other day i wanted to wireless-ly stream a 12 GB movie on my phone (having paranoid android) form my PC , the video either wont give sound or it would stutter a lot....i tried everything- all kinds of players, different codecs, etc but nothing helped. Previously when my phone was running touchwiz everything would stream perfectly fine( even the 22.4 GB Avatar movie print). so yeah, the stock touchwiz video player is pretty awesome.
  • A pretty good music player too: its got a wonderful equalizer for those who tweak their songs, folder tab functionality for people like me who directly put their songs on the external sd card or the internal memory.
  • Swipe to take screenshot - you'll get addicted to it sooner or later.

Apart from these i also hate a few things about touchwiz:

  • Looks BAD- IMO really bad. All other skins looks decent and respectable( htc sense for eg)
  • Dialer app- badly made, period. the contacts section present in the dialer app is a different app altogether. If you click on the contacts tab it will take you 2-3 seconds to view your contacts. whereas it has to as snappy as possible (as in stock android).
  • Comes with a lot of bloatware: learning hub, Samsung apps, Samsung's version of gamecenter, chat on etc etc.
If they somehow manage to fix the cons, the company might really be the first choice for many people.