Eight Google Nexus tips you may have not known about!

1. Touch the upper part of the screen without swiping to get a glance at today's date and day of the week. (note: from there, you can release touch to pull the bar back up or add another finger touch and swipe down to access quick settings)


2. Use the persistent Google search bar to quickly find and launch apps you did not add a shortcut for in home screens instead of navigating through the apps drawer.


3. If you start a Google voice search while a music beat is playing around you, a pulsing blue music icon will appear for quick song ID search.


4. The stock camera app shutter soft button takes a photo after the touch point is lifted. Tapping the button can cause the device to shake thus producing blurry images. Instead, touch and hold on the button then release lightly.


5. While shooting a video, you can touch anywhere on the screen to take a still image without interrupting the camcorder.


6. You can long-press apps in the multitasking screen as well to access "app info". Handy when you're just trying an app and decided you want to uninstall.


7. You can improve the face-unlock security feature by taking multiple face prints and allow quick unlocks even in fairly dark environments.


8. When viewing a photo in the Gallery, do a vertical pinch-in gesture with two fingers to access filmstrip view and enable swipe up/down photo cleaning/delete within that folder.