So we're convinced used games are good for the gamer?

It seems obvious, right? Used games available = less spent by gamers.

Is it this simple though? Look at what Steam has done for value, no used games there and the sales provide games with easily the best savings on any platform.

Game creators have gone on the record numerous times to say the used game market has a big influence on actual game design, and not always in desirable ways. Developers need ways to keep games in consoles and not peddled off to used game stores. Micro-transactions, artificial game length padding, lack lustre DLC etc. "Hey, don't sell our game, you've still got 20hrs of tedious fetch quests to do!"

There's 3 pockets to this story. The gamer's pocket, the game creator's pocket and lastly, the retailer's. Currently, there's a whole stack of money going into the retailer's pockets thanks to used gaming. Is everyone ok with this?