The rise of the 520- just what the doctor ordered for AT&T

In the shadow of the release of the Lumia 1020, a new challenger has appeared- the Lumia 520.

It's secretly being released for only 99$ on AT&T's go-phone prepaid plan. The 521 is being debuted on MetroPCS, and we already know that T-Mobile has had it for a few months now.

While the 520 is certainly best for stealing away low-end android marketshare worldwide in cheaper places like India where the demand is super high (relative to flagship spec monsters), it's also important to note that there is also a market in the US. Not exactly because the demand is necessarily high, but because there is no other competitor in the low end space. It's just android.

Android's bloated numbers can only decrease from here. I recall something like 70-80% of the smartphone market, and that is attributed to the fact that iPhones only sell as premium flagships. The rest of the world is transitioning to android.

Now the high end space is probably more relevant to users on the verge, but still, the high end market is a tough game to play. Nokia's hitting it hard where it'll hurt. Hopefully we'll see double digit marketshare momentum in time for the Lumia 940 this holiday season.