Sharing "me" via NFC with Android

I just got an HTC 8x that has NFC for Tap+Send sharing. This is all fine and dandy, however I'm wondering how Windows Phone handles sharing "me" to other devices.

Here is how this situation works on Android. Both people have their phones unlocked. The person who is sending their contact data via NFC simply opens "People" in Android, taps the top contact (aka Me), then taps their phone to the back of the other NFC enabled device to send that information across.

What does this do? It allows you to have all your email addresses, phone numbers, address, contact picture, etc. tied to a single contact that Android knows is for you, allowing easy sending of your information to new people you've met. It works quite well. Especially since "Me" is always at the top of your People list.

So how does this work on Windows Phone? I can't for the life of me find a "Me" contact on my WP device. There is the very useful Me tile, however that doesn't seem to contain any of your actual contact information. So I'm reaching out to you to see if the situation I described is possible to do on a Windows Phone, or if it requires me to make a contact that will act as "Me", and just search for it in the Contacts list, go to Share, then finally select Tap+Send to get it to the other NFC enabled person.