Moto X Questions

Now, in order to avoid mirroring the myriad of other posts about the Moto X, either complaining about its "painfully low" specs, its "disappointment" in customizability, or flaming about Moto X essentially being the XBox One (Always on, etc.); I've decided to question some things.

A Question of Operating System:

Now, we've gotten some confirmation that the Moto X will, in fact, be running 4.2.2 (Or 4.3 as some hopefuls have said) upon release. That's fine and dandy, but what skin is going on top? Will this be the Mythical Moto Stock Beast? Or will it be yet another Motorola skinned "Nearly-there-but-not-quite" phone? Most signs point to stock K-bigpic_medium


Especially these images most recently released. Not a sign of Moto's skin in sight! The Icons, lockscreen, settings page, everything seems to be stock. With a few caveats.

The Clock

The clock on the lockscreen is not the stock clock from 4.2.2. If I'm correct, the "8" should be bolded, and possibly there should be a different font for the numbers in general.

The Navigation Bar

The Nav bar seems to be transparent! In most released pictures of the Moto X, the Nav bar seems to have some sort of transparency effect added to it. Even in the EvLeaks press shots, this transparency is apparent.



Now, while I like this, from a design standpoint, it's absolutely, 100%, not stock. Also, it's not present in the settings portion of the leaked image from today, which is interesting.

What could it mean?

Now this could mean one of two things. A) (the less likely of the two) That this is a leak of 4.3 Now, we've already seen the leaks of 4.3 that have come out in the past week. Altogether unspectacular. Maybe Google is saving something for their announcement. Something like a slightly transparent status bar and an improved clock.

Or the second option, B) This is Moto's new skin. With Motorola's acquisition by Google, the near-stock appearance of Motorola's previous skin could become even nearer to stock. With some small changes; clock, nav bar, "breathing notifications", as well as the "Okay Google" features shown in the leaked Rodgers video.

The Question of Droid

If Motorola were to really be releasing a new skin that practically mirrors stock, with a few important additions, why would the new Droid line be announced using capacitive buttons? This, as well as the fact that the Moto X is definitely not called the Droid X (Been there, done that) leads me to believe that Motorola is creating a distinct separation between Motorola phones of the Moto-Google era, and Droid phones. Droid seems to be a Verizon staple that will not necessarily be going anywhere, seeing the massive success they have had in the past. Could this signal a new era for Motorola? One where their new, non-Droid flagships will not be limited to Verizon? I sure hope so. A phone that's as near stock as possible, with a 3K+ mAH battery and flagship specs? On Verizon? Or any other carrier? If this is the plan that Motorola is going through with, then a Motorola phone will most definitely be my next.

Then again, I could be completely wrong, and Moto is using this "Near Stock" for all of their phones, in which case, Verizon (2013) Droid Maxx here I come!