Sony Vaio Pro 13 - advice?

I'm planning on replacing my monolithic HP Envy 17 with the new i7, 8gb ram vaio pro 13. Try as I might to make an educated purchase I just can't seem to find out all of the information that I want to know.

I'll be using the laptop for web design, and my usual use would be a ~40 layer photoshop file, text editor and chrome. From what I can see the vaio can handle this but will it run smoothly it be put through it's paces?

Does anyone know what sony's support and warranties are like? My envy has been back to John Lewis twice for repairs and I'm really pleased with their service, unfortunately I can only get the vaio direct from sony and I'm not sure what their support will be like.

Also.. I have looked at the new haswell Samsung, Acer and MBA, and ruled them out because it'll be easier to design on 1080p, I want to use Windows and I want to customise the laptop (which only Sony and Apple seem to offer).

Any and all advice appreciated!