Windows RT Can Be Saved


What follows is a drastic paradigm shift for Microsoft. What I propose is both highly lucrative and highly dangerous. It would take a massive marketing effort by Microsoft, and it isn't without its downsides. But it is necessary.

My plan involves both price changes and marketing changes for two of Microsoft's products, Surface and Windows. Windows RT and Surface RT have been hailed as dead since the last Microsoft earnings report, but they can be saved by changing customers' perceptions and presenting a clear message. This clear message was sadly lacking in the marketing for Windows RT, so a reset is needed. Here is an outline of the proposed changes:



Surface RT ($499→$349)

Surface ($349)

Surface Pro ($899)

Surface Pro ($739)


Surface Mini ($199)

Touch Cover ($100)

Touch Cover ($50)

Type Cover ($110)

Type Cover ($60)

Windows RT


Windows 8 Pro ($199)

Windows 8 Pro ($119)

Windows 8 ($119)


The default, advertised options for buying Surface would be as follows:

  • Surface with Touch Cover: $399
  • Surface Pro with Type Cover: $799
  • Can be bought without the covers, but only with a conscious decision


Last of all, one more step can be taken that is even more risky in many ways, but would definitely be beneficial. Microsoft could require its hardware partners to include the word "Pro" in the name of any PC running Windows 8 Pro. This would finally take care of the confusion consumers have about whether or not their PC can run legacy applications. Yes, this would be difficult, and would be a sticky point with the partners, but it could provide great benefits.


  • Desktop should be gone from Windows (RT) by 8.2 (Metro Office and an evolved SkyDrive app take its place)
  • Continue to refine interaction between metro and desktop in Windows 8 Pro
  • Larger Surface Pro (i.e. 13 inch) by 3rd generation
  • Advertise Surface/Windows as a tablet with Office built in
  • Advertise Surface Pro/Windows Pro as being able to run your favorite desktop applications