Out of all the wearables - Why Google Glass IS the future

I was sitting at my computer, chatting with a friend, as I ever so often do, when I realized that I had to go off to do my dishes and laundry that I needed to do. When I stood up I realized it: What if I could take the screen with me, but still keep my hands and eyes free to do other things?

The Answer: "OK Glass."

Of course it is. Everybody who wears glasses knows how effortlessly they can fit into your life. They become natural. And so it's only a natural evolution to move the display closer to the eye and finally give the needed push to the expansion and eventual takeover of the voice driven interface input.

I am now convinced that 10 years from now, we will walk around our houses mumbling commands to our glasses. We will finally be free from the screens of our computers. Or, merged with them - depending on how you want to look at it.

And it's not the “should I take an umbrella” argument. It’s not even the navigation, the video shooting or whichever of the mundane but not essential tasks you perform almost daily. This goes deeper than that. This is about the stuff you do every hour, every minute. This is about the stuff that really matters. It’s you talking to people, it’s you researching something on the web while working, it’s you writing down something your girlfriend mentioned on the phone and you just know she’ll pick up on if you forget about it. It’s you reading your child a bedtime story when you cannot be there in person.

Imagine it: You can go and take care of your dog. Walk your dog and read the paper while at it. Clean up after your dog and listen to your favorite podcast. Be happy that you don't have a dog and do something entirely different. Watch a movie with the girl of your dreams. And guess what? With glass you can watch a movie anywhere. You can do whatever you like, wherever you want. You can finally go read a book in the bath.

There is one more thing: It will free us up, literally. Or at least has the potential to. If you have all you need to be connected with you all the time and you don't need the monitor anymore, will you still sit on a chair and look into... Nothing? Where WILL you sit? Will we go out to the park more or will we start to move to a more private place… The place where you sit down to connect to the world will have to evolve too when the shackles of the monitor driven interface disappear. Will we see a special kind of "computer" seats emerge? Does it remind you of something?

But in a way you are more free. Free to do whatever you love or need to do, be it in private or in public, while still connected to the whole world. Everywhere, your online entity finally merging with the real one.

And the next step from there? The brain, baby.

Imagine the possibilities...

I don't think we even can. And that is exciting.