Moto X: Low cost and Camera UI revealed.

So turns out the Moto X will be priced amazingly cheap after all. 299 for the 16 GB model, and 349 for the 32 GB model. Carrier subsidized price speculated to be at 99 and 149.

Given the extra storage, LTE, and the superior camera, this makes the Nexus 4 obsolete, more or less.


The new camera UI is distinct from the one revealed for the GPE phones, and also distinct from what has been seen for Android 4.3. Clearly, this means the Moto X isn't bone stock. Still, the design language has similarities, and there's a swipable control wheel which is similar to the stock app, but only comes out on the left side. The UI seems super clean and minimalist, and designed for speed. Color me impressed.


This looks to be shaping up to being THE phone worth buying.