Best Ever Comparision Made Between Xbox One & PS4

Xbox One Pros/Cons: Xbox One have embedded ESRAM to make memory bandwith at 192GB/s and the PS4 is only at 176GB/s. 10% more than the PS4. This is THEORETICALLY at the moment, but the fact that they just found out about this a little while ago, just shows that it is capable of much more than they know about just yet.

Xbox One have the custom audio chip SHAPE (Scalable Hardware Audio Processing Engine) to make HD Surround without compromising the GPU. Yes, the PS4 have a audio chip aswell but it does not allow sound effects and sounds to be handled by the chip alone, so it will take some memory from the GPU aswell. Not also to mention that the GDDR5 memory in PS4 is carying latency compared to the DDR3 in the Xbox One. And with the release of Direct X 11.2 DDR3 is now more capable of than the GDDR5. To people saying DX11.2 is just an update/bug-fixes, is not true. DX11.2 carries a new system of tools called Tiled Resources, and you can read all about this (VERY INTERESTING!) at: www[dot]graphinesoftware[dot]com ...

So all saying that the PS4 is stronger than the X1 at the moment, you guys are lying, if you would spend time to read articles and do some research. As of right now the X1 is stronger even with the DDR3 (thx to DX11.2), and the Audio Chip (SHAPE). Not to mention that the X1 have a CUSTOM made CPU from AMD, whereas the PS4 just have a regular AMD Jaguar (which is strong ofc.)

OVERALL This means the PS4 will have a bit better looking visuals, but nothing stunning compared to the X1 being able to run at higher FPS like 60. And the visuals will almost be the same anyways on both consoles.

Now the Xbox One just also happens to be free of loading-time whether it's turning on your console, switching from game to TV, or TV to game, or Internet Explorer to game, or to Twitch-tv, the Xbox One will be completely silent (no noise at all) and lag-free thanks to the 3 OS dedicated in the system, where as the PS4 wont have this but instead share only 1GB ram for the OS which means there will be loading time for turning on your console, switching from game to anything else you would like, and even loading time for PLAYING your game. See this is the innovation I like behind X1.

And ofc the X1 controller is superior lol. THIS IS FACTS JUST SO YOU GUYS KNOW: Eurogamer[dot]net : Xbox One memory better in production hardware. vgleaks[dot]com : Durango Sound of Tomorrow