How does a good republican avoid saturation coverage of that baby?

How does a good republican (note the lower case 'r') avoid the saturation media coverage of that baby?

Come to the Verge it would seem. Bravo!

I don't expect the Daily Mail to be leading on the angle of another child born to a family of full-time benefit scroungers, growing up on an estate, his father the product of a broken home. But even the Guardian has been liveblogging this perpetuation of the UK's embarrassingly pointless head of state.

Between the wedding, the jubilee and the baby, there has not been a single media outlet prepared to call the UK monarchy for what it is - a silly and outdated waste of taxpayers money.

I know those outside the UK think it's a cute little institution, but imagine if your tax money was paying for unelected individuals to literally live the life of king, with no tangible benefit to you or your country.

*ends rant*