I'm a Windows Phone s fan and this is my Answer to Joe belfiore

Windows Phone head Joe Belfiore has responded to a user’s query about lack of any major update for Windows Phone OS after the release of Windows Phone 8 last year by saying this :

We’re definitely here and paying attention to what you folks are asking for… keep in mind the trick for us is balancing things that make EXISTING devices better for you, our enthusiast users, versus things that create new devices to sell to a broader audience. A lot of the work in GDR2 was around enabling new devices– like the Lumia 1020, devices on Sprint, etc. so that we could keep growing the size of the WP ecosystem. We need to grow the number of people using WP so we get ISVs writing the apps, we get better/more accessories built, etc.

Of course this takes time and energy, but we still do intend to improve the user experience for you via new features. There’s some in GDR 2 (eg. DataSense broadly available, FM Radio) there’s more coming

And this my Answer :

Sorry Joe, but your pace is extremely slow and your updates policy simply dont work. When Windows Phone 8 came out, you had say the same Thing by insisting only on the change of the kernel and multiple cores support. When Windows Phone 8 came out, you haven't added functionalities. (no Vpn, No Notifications Center, no. Startscreen Changes).

The Startscreens supports only two background colors: white and black. And the Scrolling is only vertical. After 3 years of Windows Phone, the Startscreen is opaque and unflexible. This Startcreen is not reflecting the beauty of windpws Phone.You can make a beautifull OS like the Windows Phone, but you need to win the battle of the Startscreen.(simply)

Scrolling Could be verticaly as its now, but if the USER want it, it should be Horizontaly too.
The User should be abble to choose a Tile and Full customize it.
The User should choose a desired number of tiles to display, if he want
The User shoud choose between diferent types of Tiles(small,large, big, extrem big, extrem large, Half Windows, Full Windows )
The User should choose where to to put a Tile on his startscreen.
The User should choose the startscreen Color.
And NO CARRIER will block this UPADATE

Update : *The User should choose where to put a Tile on his Startscreen

I think having poorly explained what I think. Actually the startscreen is following a matrix that fills himself gradually. It is impossible to fill the place "n + 1" or "n + 2" without having filled the place "n".

So choosing a wanted place to put your Tile is meaning , the Adoption of a new Matrix that would allow User to use the place "n+1" or "n+2" even if "n" is still empty.