Nokia Lumia 920 for University?

Hey everyone,

I'm starting university this year and have never owned a smartphone before. I've been thinking about getting a Lumia 920 ever since it came out but I never really needed one. I think the time has come when I can actually take advantage of all those features. Do you think the 920 is a good choice?

I'm planning to use it for calls, texts, e-mails, note taking, listening to music, taking pictures, twitter, reddit, RSS, alarms, reminders, calendar, maps, light web-browsing, light gaming.

My reasoning so far:

- Lumia 1020: I don't need the big ass sensor.

- iPhone 4S/5/5S: Not sure about iOS 7, plus I already have an iPad mini to enjoy the awesome app selection.

- Android: I don't like using it.

- Lumia 920: Beautiful hardware, nice camera. OS is smooth and easy on the eyes. Small app selection is not a big issue because I want something distraction-free. Also, wireless charging seems convenient. And it's cheaper than the 1020 and iPhone 5.


- Is it too big (weight, thickness, screen size)?

- How is the battery life?

- Is it usable despite the lack of apps?

- Can it work with an iPad mini and iMac?

- How many software updates will it receive (does it have a chance of running WP 9)?

- Will it last me 3+ years?

Suggestions are welcome!