Hello Microsoft, You suck!

I hav been a windows phone fan from beginning... Had alumia 800, then the cute 720...

Even after 2 years with WP, I have not felt that the OS lacked anything.... I write this due to the fact that MS is not responding to anything rather than giving bull shit comments....

Google iterated android rapidly with cheaper devices until it became so famous to be a flagship.... My problem is not with getting updates or a new OS no.

Its with the problems that plague windows phone... the other storage problem has not been solved by nokia... Many claim to have done that, my phone currently has 1.1gb of items in other storage, I don't know what it is or how to get rid of it, no way to install big apps on MC means u will have to be careful of your phone storage...

And thats where MS comes in, they claim to hav made the best OS in the world... But the reality is they made a beautiful OS with gr8 bugs you can't get rid of!

If MS wants to make a better OS than others, why don't they try?