2013 iPhone means new cell contract research time! Results: Depression

WTF! WTBF! #$35!!!??!!

Cellular service costs an arm and leg now, a bloody arm and a leg. I actually still have my unlimited ATT plan grandfathered from when I got a 3GS 4 years ago. With the 2013 iPhone coming, my current contract ending soon, it's time for me to upgrade. With 3 smartphone lines, I have to pay $200/mo! This is basically the cost on ATT, VZW or Sprint give or take 10 or 20 dollars. For various reason, well family members, I have to move to a mobile share plan.

13 years ago, my cell contract was about $20 to $30 per month. Now, it's going to be over $150 minimum per month. That's frelling ridiculous! My cell phone costs have gone up 5x to 10x they were. Nearly an order of magnitude! Not to mention my wired, home broadband costs have gone up 2x to 3x too. Not only that, I get less data or I'm capped. Ugh.

Sorry, rant over.

T-Mobile appears to be the only viable option. Assuming you have signal. I'm currently in the "satisfactory" color band of their coverage map. It doesn't differentiate on whether that's 3G, 4G or LTE. So, it's probably just "3G" (HSDPA 1.6/3.2 mbit/s blah blah blah). Yeah, doesn't sound like an option.

Well, maybe the rant isn't over.