Deal or wait for the elusive Haswell?

Lenovo U410 ultrabook with HIGH END SPECS (8GB Ram, 1TB hard drive, i7) is going for about $670 RIGHT NOW!!! Incredibly tempting seeing as it's supposed to be $1050 originally.

I've been holding out on getting a new laptop for months now awaiting haswell and a good hybrid but goodness gracious, I would be a fool to let this laptop slip by would I not? Not to mention if the perfect haswell hybrid does come along for me, it'll probably cost a fortune and I'll have to settle for i5 and 4GB ram as a maximum as opposed to what Lenovo's offering for cheap right now.

What move do I make tribe? Honestly any choice is a step up from the HP crap I've had for 3 years now (both my hinges are gone!) but I wanna make sure I get the right thing. Do I take this deal?