Look at Xcode 5 for the future of OS X design

Many here have been speculating what OS X will look like if it gets a redesign. I think the best indication of this is what we see in Xcode 5. It is the only one of Apple's new OS X apps that have not conformed to their traditional OS X design.

For reference, here is Xcode 4:


And the new Xcode 5:


  • Toolbar buttons will lose their borders, in favour of buttons that change colour when activated
  • Slightly flatter. Specifically take a look at the sidebar, and status area.
  • Whiter. Unnecessary background colours will be removed. Fck4bvu_mediumAsv5gqk_medium
  • Switches are coming to OS X. Perhaps flatter icons as well (probably not). T3cpkfe_medium

That's about it. It will be a welcome refresh, but nothing world changing like in iOS 7.