Kudos to The Verge: No Longer an Echo-Chamber for Analyst Guesstimates

There was a time when the The Verge published an article about every analysts off-hand guesstimates on smartphone or tablet marketshare. The real problem with this, of course, is that none of these numbers could be verified and many of these reports are designed to manipulate stock prices in favor of the analysts and their clients.

Recently, I have noticed that while other outlets are still publishing outlandish estimates as fact, the Verge has let many of these reports fall on deaf ears in their offices. This is a fantastic turn for the Verge as a news source. The sensationalist stories written about these less-than-factual and often widely-varied estimates have really gotten out of hand and have actually turned the media outlets into stooges for distribution of these fictional reports. The analysts rely on the media outlets picking up their stories to drive stock prices.

The Verge has instead been reporting *exactly* what these companies have been reporting in their financials while leaving out the guesswork. This is what a news source *should* be doing rather than playing stooge to the analysts. I just wanted to say that I have indeed noticed that improvement. Nice job Verge.