Conspiracy theory time: is Google intentionally holding features back from 4.3?

Background: I woke up this morning to see Android Police's brilliant overview of the new software features on the Moto X:

I've always been a "give me stock Android or give me death" kinda guy, but honestly, this stuff looks brilliant. Unlike the "s-features" on Samsung phones, the new features on the Moto X are all things that 1) will actually be useful, and 2) are visually designed so that they fit in perfectly with the overall look and feel of Android. And Motorola implements these features in the right way, doing it through your Google account rather than making you register a separate account like Samsung does.

In fact, most of these features feel very "Google-y". Device tracking is a feature that many people (including The Verge) have been asking Google to add to Android at the OS level for a while now. When you add up the "Motorola Assist" feature, the touchless voice control, and the new-style notifications, it almost looks like the next generation of Google Now. Device migration is a feature that could have easily been built into stock Android. The Moto X even integrates its notifications with Chrome, which feels like an obviously Google feature.

At the same time, we know that Android 4.3 is essentially bare in terms of user-facing features. That's fine; I think we all know that Android needed a lot of work on the back-end after 4.2. I assumed that Android 4.3 would be mostly a back-end rewrite that improves performance, stability and battery life, and I was happy with that.

However, does anyone else look at the Moto X feature list think "oh, that's where the missing features from 4.3 went"? Is it possible that Google took the upgrades they were planning to make to AOSP, and essentially just gave them to Motorola instead?

As a competitive move against Samsung, I almost feel like this would be justified. Samsung differentiates their devices through all kinds of crazy software features that are exclusive to their brand; why can't Googerola do the same? But if this theory is true, it also means that Google is kind-of screwing over AOSP users in order to give a competitive boost to Motorola. This includes people who use AOSP-based ROMs, and people who Nexus devices. In effect, these people are going to miss out on the new features that would have been part of stock Android.

What do you guys think? Am I being paranoid here?