The Windows Roadmap 2013-14


via (image cc: Mary Jo Foley)

I do not know if someone has posted about this but Microsoft officially leaked some of the things they planned for the rest of 2013 and the first part of 2014 at their Worldwide Partner Conference a week or two ago. The information which was shown as a set of slides revealed some information we knew (Windows 8.1) and some we suspected (new Surface devices) but it also had some surprises. So I decided to highlight some of the changes I thought were interesting.

Windows 8.1 for x86 and ARM
Bing for Windows 8.1
Skype for 8.1
New devices
1st Party app updates
3rd Party app updates

Windows Phone
Low(er) Cost devices
New (killer) hardware
Bing for Windows Phone
Start Screen Innovation (New Start screen?)
Skype update w/deeper Integration
Common App platform w/Windows

Update to Surface RT
Update to Surface Pro
New Accessories w/color choices

Office Suite Apps (Windows 8)
Bing Apps
Updates to Bing on Windows/Windows Phone/Xbox

Music Service updates
Entertainment Studios?

I think the biggest surprise in the slides were around Windows Phone with it seeing major integration (likely) with the Windows Run Time and a change to the Start Screen. The other big news is an actual Office suite built for tablets. This along with the expanding functionality of the Metro control panel means less reliance on the desktop for Windows tablets.

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