I know you love Haswell, but where is BayTrail (Silvermont)?

Given that it seems the only Intel chip anyone mentions is Haswell I thought I asked if anyone knows anything new about the 3rd generation Atom chip codenamed Silvermont. While Haswell is a major step forward in terms of battery life and performance, I think these next generation Atom chips will be more important in the long run. While everyone has praised the current Atom CloverTrail chips they were delayed and have issues with handling some x86 based applications.

The Silvermont or BayTrail chips have been said to perform better than comparable ARM chips such as the Tegra 4 and Snapdragon 800, but Intel's System on a Chip (SOC) story seems to have gone silent. To me Haswell even in its fan less state is for Ultrabooks and laptops. If OEMs want to go thin and light with Intel based tablets BayTrail seems to go. So is anyone looking forward to Intel's SOC or is it Haswell or nothing.