Google music for the iPhone. A lie or a bait and switch ripoff worthy of class action?

Back at the end of May, Google announced Play Music for iOS. At IO they promised it to launch in 'a few weeks'. At this time they also started a promotion for Google Play Music All Access at $7.99/mo. This was 7 weeks ago. At the end of June they cut the promotion and stated that if you cut your account you would have to pay $9.99/mo. Personally, I bought into it and so far have spent $24 on Google Play Music 'All Access' waiting for the upcoming app for what seemed to be a great service.

Today at Google's announcement, Play Music for iOS was nowhere to be found. Even going as far to demonstrate Pandora on the iPhone instead.

Seemingly, I've been ripped off.

Google has no apparent plans to actually deliver on it's promise and has yet to even talk about it since. Their avoidance at the event this morning even goes to show that either they are nowhere near ready to ship, or have nothing to eventually ship. I refuse to spend more money (Such as the money I wasted on Gmusic and Cloud Music) on terrible quality apps that do not offer anything near to any form of quality.
They promised Music, told us to buy now to get a great deal, then never delivered while taking our money. Anyone else in this boat?