Chromecast is What the Nexus Q Should Have Been

The Nexus Q was cripple for 3 reasons:

1. The biggest reason. Price. No one is buying it at $300.

2. It couldn't stream anything outside of Google Play and Youtube, making it too restricted to do anything.

3. The interface was kind of confusing about how to add to queue or access functions.

Chromecast is:

1. $35. Impulse buy territory.

2. Able to stream Netflix, Pandora, Google Play TV/Music, and Youtube. It can also do tab mirroring which lets me access any content from the web. This is what HTPCs were made for and now we get it for $35. Also, tab mirroring > display mirroring because I can actually do other stuff with the computer.

3. Simple. Click one button at the top and choose which device. It's as simple as air play.

Has Google finally nailed it?