Windows Phone 8.1 will be DOA

Listen up peeps, myself and am sure many other are fed up of MS lack of urgency in getting extra features out to the end user.

Windows Phone 8 should have been a new beginning for MS. The recognition of a common kernel and leveraging this to bring rapid development and enhancements to the OS throughout this year. Instead what we have witness is frankly shambolic and snail speed updates.

The new features found in GDR1 and GDR2 are not even worth mentioning. Its as if the development team has gone into hibernation and have nothing to declare or show.

In the face of stiff competition and fast pace of the smart-phone arena, at the current speed I am afraid the only way is down for the Windows Phone platform, and before you say sales have increased and are now No. 3 in looking at things in context the growth rate is still very lacklustre and will remain static and eventually decline with the imminent release of iOS7 and next version of Android which will eclipse Windows Phone COMPLETELY and take it off the radar PERIOD.

So my friends, today is the day I look at my Lumia 920 and when friends ask me should they get a windows phone? My answer to them will be a solid NO. All because MS are incompetent and too slow and uncompetitive.

Even the latest GDR2 updates are causing issues for HTC users who are finding their phones are getting bricked with the new update....

Did WP8 GDR2 brick your HTC 8X? Now you can flash it back to life yourself

I am sorry but what is the average user going to do when they find thier phone has got bricked? most likely they will go get an iphone or android phone, and the reputation of WIndows phone plummeting.

I am sorry if MS cannot come out with an update without screwing up existing phones then WP8 platform must be flaky as hell.....or MS dont know what they are doing, god knows how many phones they will brick when the 8.1 (Blue) update comes along. Nokia and HTC will be the ones clearing up the mess MS have left behind tarnishing thier reputation in the process.

So let me make it clear, today...right now we have had no clear OFFICIAL indication from MS...when Windows Phone Blue (8.1) or when GDR3 is coming out let along what features they plan to bring to user.

Being already over half way through the year WP will have faded from peoples radar by the time iOS7 and new iphone comes around, meanwhile MS will probably try doing some viral marketing to drum up interest and so some half backed presentation of the new features of WP8.1 which again will only disappoint.

It is safe to assume this time next year I will have likely to have switched platforms.