Best Ultrabook?

So, I've been on the market for a laptop for over a year now, and my old laptop just finally broke :)

Haswell finally seems to have everything that I've been looking for, and the ultrabooks seem a lot more refined than previous generations. However, I can't make up my mind over which ultrabook to pick. Price is not a (much of) a problem, but I really want something that I can keep using for many years.

Priorities (Ordered from most to least):

-Keyboard and Touchpad (Input is IMPORTANT)

-Battery Life, Build Quality, Durability, Asthetics ( I want something I can feel great about using years from now)

-Screen (It would be higher up my list, but all the screens are looking great, so I doubt that it'll be a huge concern

-Wieght, Thiness...etc.

Laptops that look interesting so far:

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus

>Great battery life (or so they say)

>REALLY high-res screen

> Great Asthetics and looks durable

>Unsure of keyboad +trackpad

Sony's Ultrabook (can't remenber name right now)

>THIN...too thin?

>Mediocre Battery life

>Flexes too much

Asus Infinity Zenbook + Acer Aspire 7

>Both is great in all categories, but not expectional (which is fine by me)

>Only concern is the Glass lid, and the build quality, would they withhold a tumble?

What do you guys think? Which one do you like best? (And why aren't the reviews out yet?)