List of ALL Summer 2013 Haswell Laptops (?)

Hi all,

Like many of you I'm purchasing a laptop this summer and it's gotta be haswell. Probably like many of you, it's been a frustrating "trickle" of haswell laptops slowly coming out, and it's hard to know which are out and which will be out before my semester starts again.

So this is a list I created that includes all the notebooks with haswell that have came out or will come out by the end of the summer. Bold means it's already out. I didn't include gaming laptops jus cause I'm not interested. I'm probably missing more than a few models, so I need some help.

Asus: Zenbook Infinity

Sony: Vaio Pro 11, Vaio Pro 13

Lenovo: T440, U430, U330,

Samsung: Ativbook 9+, Ativbook 9lite

Dell: XPS 12

HP: Envy 15, Envy 17

Acer: S7, S3, M5

Is that really it? Probably gonna get myself a U430 based on this selection. Really wish the S7 came in 14" or 15" variation...