Which Modern Smartphones will be remembered after a 100 years ?

1- The Legendary iPhone (Original)

iPhone will be remembered as the device that changed the industry and brought lots of tech joy to millions of people.


2- iPhone 4

The people who bought this device no what I'm talking about. It was so different and awesome you wanted to lick it when it came out.This was such a beautiful and marvelous device that it still out-classes the latest copy cats from Samsung. HTC has gotten close with the one but the iPhone 4 once again pushed the industry forward. The retina display on it was unbelievable when it came out pushing other manufacturers to go overkill with 500dpi displays and what not.


via stephanielichtenstein.com

I doubt the other Samsung Copy cat me too products or HTC's failing attempts at relevance will be remembered. Who'll remember a Galaxy S3 ? The thing's so ugly you can't even hold it for a minute let alone remember it after 100 years.

So what do you think ? What other phones will be remembered ?