Speed- Do we need more?

Since the release of the blockbuster Galaxy S4, this device has received a lot of complaints, almost the design. However, the Korean manufacturer provides an evolution of speed, which make Galaxy S4 the fastest device on Earth. But compared to the iPhone 5, I think that It does not make a happy change.

Speed is too enough to add more, I think. While there are a lot of problems still get me down. For instance, the overheating. The battery is not powerful enough, you see the HTC One, the Queen of speed but the dunce of battery.

I dream of a last-forever battery cool device , that brings me the most comfortable experience.

I think rumors about the iPhone 5S may cause panic for those who does want the faster speed, but Iphone 5 is already fast. I know there are fans of iPhone who do not want iPhone to be beaten by Samsung about speed, and they will advertise that while iPhone is sluggish they provide a smooth, perfect speed.

In my country, on such forums, there are battles of iFans and Samfans about this

However, I don't mind because I think if Apple do this, they'll provide another essential features. Don't worry about that.

Thanks for reading.