Demystifying Google's Nexus Updates - a study in OTA rollouts

Do you know what two things go together without fail: an Android update and Nexus owners asking in their forum of choice if anybody else has received the rolled out update and when their stock devices will receive the update.

I've always been curious on how such rolled updates are, well, rolled out. With the recent release of 4.3, now is the perfect time to find out. I started a study to see the correlation between when they receive the update, when they bought their device, or what country they reside in.

I've set up a poll which is linked to a Google Spreadsheet. If your Nexus device has received Android 4.3 OTA, please fill out the form!

If we get 1,000 participants by August 1st, I'm releasing the data via a "cool" infographic and in the name of full and complete transparency I'm going to share out the Google Spreadsheet, so that some gifted statistician can make brilliant connections and correlations.

Sound cool?

Here's the link to the form. (At bottom of page.)

Again, please fill it out ONLY if you Nexus device received the 4.3 update over the air. If you haven't please bookmark the form and fill it out when you do receive the update.

Thanks Android Army & here's to finding some sort of pattern!