Will Microsoft's Precision Touchpad Technology change anything?

At Build 2013, Microsoft demonstrated that Windows 8.1 will natively handle the touchpads instead of poorly written OEM drivers. Now that demo was magical because I have never seen a laptop touchpad respond so fluidly. Making the OS handle the touchpad system is a very smart choice, like Apple did with Macbooks and Google did with Chromebooks. Microsoft made Windows 8 handle touch input which is why it works flawlessly.

For me those poor touchpads on Windows laptops were the leading point of their failure because Macbook's touchpads were simply inimitable. I fear I am forced to buy a Macbook because I need a laptop urgently, but let's say I buy a Windows laptop like a Vaio Pro 13, will I automatically get the Precision Touchpad when I update to Windows 8.1?

But more importantly, in the absence of a single good Windows laptop that should be the one ideally made by Microsoft, is it true that poor drivers and poor touchpads (and all that bloatware and OEM stickers) will forever plague a beautiful OS like Windows 8.1?

Or will Windows 8.1 change anything now like it changed the touchpad experience? Because, to be brutally honest, touchpads are not the only thing where poor drivers have tortured us. Microsoft will have to take control of the essential drivers. But for that it would need it's own hardware. Microsoft's devices strategy is restricted around Surface.

More than 150 million Windows laptops sell every year. Agreed, they are becoming lesser day by day, but I don't see why a good 13 inch laptop made by Microsoft, with all the precision touchpad and other essential drivers baked into the OS wont sell like hot cakes?

I am supremely confident that with Haswell, Microsoft can make a perfect Windows laptop. If they want to, that is, because a lot of us still want a Windows laptop, not a laptop substitute. And 8.1 can change things!