Android 4.3 gives you the ability to disable permissions on apps individually

Android 4.3 has the hidden ability to disable permissions in apps. It works, but it's probably hidden because it's still kind of quirky. Here are some details on it.

You can access it from any launcher. You just need an app that'll let you start any activity directly. Here's the one I used.

It's simple and works great. It installs a widget. Just place that widget on your home screen. When you do that, it'll ask you to configure it:

  • On the "Activities" pane (should be the one that appears by default) type "app ops" into the search box (without the quotes).
  • You'll see "Settings". Expand that, and you'll see the App ops activity under it. Select that.
  • Now just give it a name.
  • Tap the shortcut and disable apps permissions.