Top 5 "Innovations" Which Make Every iPhone an iPhone

1. iCloud

iCloud is not Google Drive which stores files in the cloud. It is a service which acts as an invisible FILE SYSTEM inside an app. You don't have to manage your system.

All you have to do is to download, for example, iMovie in your iPhone. Create a short film, afterwards. Then turn off your iPhone and open your iPad in iMovie. Without lifting a USB drive, your short film in iPhone is now in your iPad. That's cool!

Android, on the other hand, has thousands of File System apps in Google Play. That's old-school. PC era is nearing its end.

2. Home Button

iPhone has the simplest form of technology. One button for all! No accidental taps on BACK button. All you can see is the circular drawing in iPhone's face. No Samsung, Sony, HTC logo in front to make viewing movies cumbersome, especially in horizontal mode.

3. No SD Card Slot

By denying iPhone users of SD Card slot, it makes owning an iPhone the most secure investment in smartphones.

In case of theft, you can remotely wipe off your iPhone completely with no worries that information saved in SD card is compromised.

If I were to be a thief for a Galaxy phone, the first thing I'd do after stealing is to remove the SD card from the slot, so that even when the owner chooses to wipe off remotely its Galaxy, sexy pictures and scandals saved in SD card are still intact. Any android users don't understand this risk. They just want to have a phone with SD Card. Lol.

4. No Removable Batteries

iPhone users get to enjoy innovative and never-before-done designs in every iteration of iPhone. Go to for more information why the denial of removable batteries is innovation.

5. Efficient Software

Where in the world have you seen a dual-core phone more fluid and as fast as a quad-core phone? Two will never equal four.

Telling me that an Android phone with quad-core chip is a beast is like asking yourself - Why it took Samsung Galaxy phones a quad-core chip to be as efficient as a dual core iPhone 5?!